Sunscreen Spongy

Masterpiece Product

Product Details
    • Sunscreen powder SPF15 can stay outside for 5 hrs.
    • Able to touch up among the day and not disturb makeup foundation.
    • Water resistance powder. Import material from USA.
    • No Talcum

Background & Story

Sunscreen Spongy is a sunscreen protection SPF 15 which apply able on makeup foundation and able to touch up all among the day.

Sunscreen Spongy is no add makeup foundation, so it gives natural look and no oxidize (color change) among the day.

Sunscreen Spongy is no talcum as our company care about the safety of our customer. Also SPF 15 which enough in daily life, many researchers almost found that SPF 15 and SPF 50 results are quite no difference over than 5% in daily life. So the best way to protect the skin from the sunray is to apply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

“Because your safety is our company mission”

FDA Registration No 50-1-5600223

Price 600 Baht

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