Sleeping Beauty Mask

All Night In a Jar

Product Details
    • Coffee Cherry Extract is the innovation which supported by National Science and Technology Development Agency.
    • The combination between skincare and arts of nature, then we get the “mineral water skincare”.
    • Glucose molecule; the innovation from France, able to reduce melanin.
    • Centella Extract; a queen magic herb of skincare, able to anti-inflammation and stimulate collagen production.
    • 30 ml.
  • How to use : Apply mask on clean face and neck. No need to clean after masking. It is able to leave over night.

Background & Story

Coffee is the Thailand Northern crops. To encourage local farmer to increase value of coffee, National Science and Technology Development Agency and our company cooperate to research “The Antioxidant in Cherry Coffee”. After that we had developed the product to respond a new lifestyle that rush and less step in taking care skin process. Finally to guarantee that our product will save and impress our customer. We did the research with 30 volunteers for 3 months with Chiang Mai University. Found that no one allergy with ‘Sleeping Beauty Mask’, decreasing oiliness 33.93%, decreasing acne 28.91%, increasing skin smooth 10.21% and increasing skin moisture 6.07%.

“Because your safety is our company mission” 

FDA Registration No 10-1-6010054522

Price 750 Baht